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PodcastOur sermons are available for you to listen to in podcast (mp3) form.

On your Computer

Some browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox can display our podcast pages directly. Others, like Chrome and Safari, do not. If you have problems accessing them we recommend you download a free podcast receiver like Juice. This has versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. When you have Juice running just search for "Mornings at Emmanuel Church" or "Evenings at Emmanuel Church".

On your iPad or iPhone

Accessing sermons on an iPad or iPhone can be done easily through the iTunes Store app or the Podcasts app. Just search for "Mornings at Emmanuel Church" or "Evenings at Emmanuel Church". You can then download individual sermons or subscribe to the whole series and receive them automatically when they become available.

On your Android mobile device

There are many different apps available free at the Google Play Store. Podcast Republic or Podcast Addict are worth a try. Once you have installed and run the app search for "Mornings at Emmanuel Church" or "Evenings at Emmanuel Church" and subscribe.


Sermon Series Link
Morning Service
Evening Service
The Church Weekend 2015: Nehemiah - Keith Walker
God's Big Picture - Bible Overview
Christian Ethics - Andrew Coleclough


Dyfan's talk on the Biblical Principles of Giving:



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